Tuesday, January 22, 2008

Hewlett Family...Where are you going to go next?

That's right we're going to DISNEYLAND! We're leaving late tonight and will be going to the Magic Kingdom on Thursday and to
California Adventure on Friday. I am so excited-mostly for my kids-they are still young enough to feel and believe in the magic-but I'm excited for me too-I haven't been there since I was 6! WooHoo! Just to warn you-there will probably be a BUNCH of pictures coming soon!!! Can't wait!

Thursday, January 17, 2008

And one more Birthday...

Too much excitement-has worn these kids out lately! The final birthday this month for our little family was on the 14th and it was Chad's! He turned the big three-five this year-yikes! I hate to say that his actual birthday wasn't too exciting! We had family night at my moms-and ate our Monday night crock pot dinner and watched Ocean's 13 on their new huge tv. It was fun, but it didn't really feel like the fun birthday parties we've been having lately. Even his presents weren't a surprise-He wanted a fly fishing trip, new waders and kick fins. I didn't know how to pick out any of that stuff, (because why would I?) so he got gift cards. The next night though we celebrated right-my Mom and Jim took us to Big Al's in Vancouver. we had a yummy dinner-sang happy birthday and went bowling. That place is super fun times-so if you live in the area and you're looking for something that the whole family will like-that's it. It has a big arcade, tons of bowling and the food there is actually really good. It's not super cheap, but it's not super expensive either. Happy Birthday old man! I love you!


Bekah turned 4 on Saturday, and we were in a hotel in Eugene (Chad was doing a show out there). I still decorated with balloons and crepe paper-so she still got to wake up to a little birthday magic. She opened her present from her Dad and I-a new set of very real golf clubs and bag-all pink! She was so excited-she's been really wanting to play any kind of sport lately.It was a good thing then that while Chad was at the show-I took the kids on a short little road trip to Corvallis to visit the Youngs-and she got to go to soccer with Taylor! She loved it, and she was good at it too! I wish I could have gotten some cute pics-but I went to a younger class with Topher aka "no attention span boy". We then went to the Youngs house for some play time and then over to see the new clinic and "help" do some finishing touches (we were more trouble than help-and left not too long after we go there). I would have taken some cuter and better pics of them all, but we planned on going back on Saturday-but when we got to the exit-not only were the kids asleep but so was Chad-so I kept driving :(. For her birthday dinner we went to her choice-Red Robin ate some yum food and they came and sang to her. It was an unorthodox birthday-but she had fun-especially since she got to play with her friends again-she misses them lots (as do we all!).

Princess of Cheese

We celebrated Bekah's birthday on Friday at Chuck E Cheese. She wanted a "girls only-princess party", she did let Dad, Topher, Papa and Jordan's daddy come-but that's it-no boys! It was just a small party since we are going to Disneyland in a week. She had her 3 friends come-Jordan, Jaycie and her bestest friend from school Alexi, (we invited the Young girls and another little friend, but they weren't able to make it). We had more adults there than kids! It was great! The kids actually got to play together, and there weren't so many to keep track of!
She had a super fun Princess cake that all the girls were so excited about. We had pizza and way too many tokens! It wasn't too crazy because we went at 3:30, after lunch and before dinner-so we actually enjoyed ourselves and so did the kids-here are the pics to prove it!
Having fun playing games and riding rides-(playing ski ball Topher style)Cute girls eating pizzaThe "beautiful princess cake"Kids enjoying the beautiful princess cake
Present time! Thanks for the horse Alexi! I love it!Thanks for the Princess Dress-ups Jordan-So much fun!Thanks Grandma for Horton and the book that "matches him", and also my "magic" markers!Getting sung to by Chuck E Cheese himself and dancing along-You're a Birthday Star!

Tuesday, January 8, 2008

Happy Birthday to ME!

I had such a fabulous birthday on the 4th! My mom and Jim took us out to Bugati's for a delicious Italian dinner and we had a fantastic chocolate peanut butter mousse cake from Jaciva's. My mom gave me a super cute charm bracelet from Tiffany & co., (she gave me a necklace from there on Christmas-can I just tell you I'm a BIG sucker for anything that comes out of one of those little blue bags! Such an awesome surprise! Thanks mommy!) Chad gave me my long awaited for iPod, (yes babe-you are the best, now if I can just find a second to get some music on it! Thanks sweetie!) My kids gave me the book I've been wanting since I heard about it, Becky Higgins Sketches. (of course their dad picked it out and the ladies at the scrapbook store were just gushing over him telling him what a sweet hubby he was-I guess when he went up to the counter and asked for the book by name the lady said "Well look at you!" ha ha, and then the lady at the checkstand asked if he was the scrapbooker-when he said it was his wife she thought he was just a big sweetie for getting me such an awesome gift!) I was SO spoiled and loved every minute of it. I have always been one of those who LOVE their birthdays, I count down the days, I love all the attention on me-well after a birthday like this one-can you blame me?!?! Then last night at girls night-one of my new favorite girls in the world, (and this was even before this surprise that I loved her guts), Emali brought me ALL THIS! Does anyone here LOVE 7gypsies? (i do, i do-me waving my hand enthusiastically in the air!), her mom works for them, and Emali raided her stash for me-how STINKING COOL is that!?!?! I LOVE YOU EM!!! Thank you Thank you again and again!

Monday, January 7, 2008

Trying to Settle In

Well, we are in our temporary, temporary place. For those of you who haven't heard-we moved over to the new complex that we are going to manage for the next 6 months or so. The problem is, is that the old manager was not leaving-she fought for 2 months to stay, so we had to move into a vacant apartment and wait it out for a bit. So we moved into a town home here and have been here for a week and a half. The manager moved out yesterday-and left the unit in a complete disaster and stripped everything out of it. It will take at least a week to make it liveable. Then we move again! Bekah and Topher are sharing a room and a bed-because Topher decided he was too big for a crib, and Bekah's toddler bed was too small to share-so they are in a twin and have loved it so far!

Friday, January 4, 2008

My person-From the Journal Jar Challenge

I had to go digi on this one-because all my scrappy stuff is all put away! Oh well-it turned out alright!