Wednesday, November 11, 2009


This girl is sweet.
This girl is smart.
This girl is sassy.
This girl is bossy.
But mostly this girl is beautiful.
We are in trouble.

Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Eight Years

EiGhT years ago today, I married my best friend...
...and that is the corniest thing I ever did write. And yet, if it wasn't so darn true, I would erase it immediately and gag a little bit for the thought of saying something so cliche' and utterly gushy.
Chad still makes me smile, laugh, tingly and all together too happy.
I think that after 8 years of wedded bliss,
  • if you still think your spouse is the best looking person to ever walk the planet earth,
  • if you still call each other for no other reason than to hear their voice and remind them how much you love them,
  • if you never fight, and rarely even get annoyed with them,
  • if you still want to spend time with them, over your fabulous and funny friends any day of the week,
  • if you still get all weak in the knees after one kiss from them,
  • if you count down the minutes until they get home from wherever they are at the moment,
  • if you still laugh at their jokes and melt at their singing,
  • and if you are still as much in love as the day you got married, but a whole bunch more....
Then I am certain that it is the forever kind of love, the kind of love in the movies, the kind of love in vampire falls in love with mortal books, the kind of love that every little girl (and romantic little boys) dreams about finding.
And now that is the corniest (yet truest) thing I have ever written!
I love you Chaddy poo punkin bum!
Forever...and ever.

Sunday, November 1, 2009

Finally a pic of all 3!

I have been trying to get a decent pic of all three of these kids for a bit now.
I figured out the trick!
Get the baby good and sick and miserable-just before the point of cranky-but not yet...
And click.This one below you can see that he is sick...but at least he is in the frame-he is usually walking out of it. Oh yeah-he's walking now-I forgot to post that he is a full time walker! It happened the day after I posted this.
Such a stinker-I tell everyone he won't walk-so then he does.
Typical Porter.

Cute boy in his boots

Nuff said.

The park by Grandma's House

My mom lives in this awesome neighborhood in West Linn, with this fantastic park with a forest between two playgrounds complete with charming bridge and babbling brook.
Seriously, I would be out there every day taking pictures!
My sister was hanging out with us and I had her snap the first two-yes I have a chain in my face, but I think it's a pretty good picture of me! :)

Canby Cuties

We went to a Pumpkin Patch while we were visiting Grandma in the cute little town of Canby.
I was determined to get a cute picture of Porter, since I haven't taken anything but snapshots lately...
...and he was determined to not let me anywhere near him with a camera.
Christopher was not much more cooperative with this face...
Bekah on the other hand was on her A game.
I couldn't take a bad picture of her.
Those eyes are killing the Portland lighting!

Stinker, stinker

Getting to Portland, this kid was still in the throes of sickness, so he was extra clingy.
He wanted nothing to do with Grandma or his aunt or uncle.
Just mom.
Fun for me.
When he did get better a few days in, he walked all over the place, testing out just how un-baby-proofed Grandma's house really was and tormenting Tabitha's cat and dogs.
Which resulted in mom chasing him around.
Fun for me.
Did you catch the sarcasm there.
I hope so.
I was laying it on pretty thick.

This kid

Not only did this baby almost kill himself, resulting in major trauma to his mama-he also had two whole days of high fever and chills while we were there. He was miserable...this was before the blind cord incident so I was already on high alert for this kiddo.
I think he likes to keep me up at night.