Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Rub-a-Dub-Dub 2 Boys in the Tub...Again

I honestly believe that I may have the cleanest boys on the entire planet. Sure they may get messy in the middle of the day from various foods, chalks, markers, paints, mud puddles, grass stains, runny noses and the likes-but they would take 6 baths a day if I let them. Especially if those baths include bubbles.
We just have to say the word tub, and Porter is running down the hall, leaving a trail of clothes behind him. They get along most of the time they are in there too, so its a bonus for me since they are usually trying to drive one another mad.
They just stay in the tub until all the bubbles dissolve, and the entire bathroom looks as though a tidal wave hit it. There is honestly more water on the floor than in the tub when they are finished. Then we have two little streakers running down the hall not wanting to get dressed.
Ahh the joy of boys-and lucky us there will be a third little boy in the tub soon to round out the bunch.

Flashback to my Childhood

I was born in the 80's, and I dressed in all the neon, the tied t-shirts, the leggings, the doubled socks and of course the bedazzled levi jackets.
My friends had an 80's party the other night for their husbands and we all dressed up. I'll post more pics soon-but I had to share this one of Bekah; because she is the spitten image of a little mini me about 23 years ago. Side pony and all.
Scary isn't it?