Thursday, November 20, 2008

He's a big boy now!

That's right folks-he did it! No more diapers! He even is dry in the morning! He totally surpassed all expectations of ours and is doing fantastic! We let him pick out whatever toy he wanted at the store and he picked this airplane that goes with his train set-almost $50, but totally worth not having to buy any more diapers for the kid. Plus-he is so proud of himself for being a big boy, it's so cute-almost as proud as we are! Good job kiddo!

Monday, November 17, 2008

Reindeer Spy

Heading out of our yard and on to the neighbors to spy on them-you may be next!
One of Santa's reindeer paid us a visit today. Santa is sending out his spies early to see who's being naughty or nice. Next time Santa better let mom know they're coming because one, I wasn't able to grab my camera in time to get a good pic and two it scared the pee out of me!
I was nursing the baby in my bedroom and reading a book when out of the corner of my eye I thought I saw someone walking by my window I turned and saw this huge deer head looking at me. My heart is beating fast again just thinking about it.
The kids were so excited to see the deer and Topher is the one that figured out it was Santa's reindeer. He said "Ho Ho's reindeer mom!" I guess he still calls Santa Ho Ho, just like last year. Love it!


Not Chad the baby.
Here's a closer look. My little preemie is getting some cute little chunk on him. He was watching MacGyver with dad and they were both a little peeved I was snapping pictures of them, interrupting their boy time.

Monday, November 10, 2008


It's our anniversary today-these just came. I am not good at waiting for surprises. Chad gets home in about a half hour. I don't know if I have the willpower to wait....The boxes are from Best Buy. I think I know what one of them is-but what would the other be? It's not too heavy, but it's big. What is it!!!???!!! I feel bad this is what I got him...
A handmade card. He said not to get him anything because he got a truck and he said all he really wants is....well this is a family blog, so I won't say. Just 15 more minutes- I need a distraction!

Seven is Heaven-Anniversary Post

Well Chad and I have been married now for 7 years. I don't mean it rudely when I say it seems longer. I feel like we have always been together, and I wouldn't have it any other way.
Since we have been married for 7 years I thought I'd share 7 reasons why I love this man...
  1. The obvious reason first-he's HOT, like McDreamy Steamy HOT-so hot he takes me by surprise sometimes that he's mine!
  2. He's a total and complete goof off-he has me laughing to tears most every day. These pictures are proof of his goofiness!
  3. He helps out around the house, and I mean above and beyond help out-he does dishes more than I do, he vaccuums, changes diapers, bathes kids, on top of all the typical 'man' jobs like mowing the lawn, taking out the trash, all the yardwork and handiwork that I can think of. He is my Superman. (He kind of looks like him too now that I think of it...coincidence?)
  4. He makes me feel beautiful every day, I mean it-every day-he always looks at me like he just won some kind of great prize. It's such a great feeling to feel that cherished every day.
  5. He always opens every door for me without fail, so when I drive by myself or with someone else, I sometimes sit there for a few minutes before I realize no one is coming to open my door. He has completely spoiled me (probably rotten, some may say!).
  6. He loves his kids and is a big old softy with them-he is horrible at disciplining them-he can't stand to make them sad. Unfortunately they know this and will run to him when mommy is being 'mean'.
  7. He cries every time he watches Paul Potts sing opera on YouTube. We have seen it countless time and it never ceases to choke him up. How cute is that?
What a guy I have!Oh and I got to open the boxes....He got me a new Canon, a lens and camera bag! This is my anniversary, Christmas and birthday present all rolled into one! I am super excited. Unfortunately they sent everything right except the camera-they sent a power shot instead which we have to send back and they are sending a new camera in the next few days-so I will just have to admire my lens and bag for now! Love you babe-thanks for 7 years of pure fun and bliss!

Sunday, November 9, 2008

Cupcake Tiles

4 inch tiles with cute cupcakes on them-wow I am good-those are super cute!
I don't know if I want to give them to my sister now!

Just Like Daddy

I have such a good husband who does dishes, probably more often than I do.
Topher always wants to help and be just like daddy-even while doing this job.He puts on a little apron and helps dad stick the dirty dishes in the sink.
I think it's a great thing to teach a little boy, that it's not a just a mommy job to do the housework, and that daddy's and cute little boys get more kisses from mommy when they help out!

Friday, November 7, 2008

oink oink

Porter is 4 months old today. I seriously feel like it has been weeks, not months! He is old enough to try eating solids, and I was actually going to wait a bit because he was born early. But....the past couple of days he has been watching us eat and getting ticked off that we weren't sharing. He kept grabbing at our plates and drinks-so I thought we'd give it a try.He gobbled up the whole bowl in about a minute-and there was quite a bit there! He would scream every time Chad took the spoon out of his mouth-I don't even have a good messy face pic, because he ate every drop even if some did fall on his chin. I took a video of it, it's on his blog. I have never seen a kid that excited about rice cereal in my life. I guess he was ready!

Wednesday, November 5, 2008

Not Ready for this!

My kids sure are though! SNOW! I guess we are destined to get a LOT of it here in KFalls from what we hear! This time of year is when I will miss Portland more than usual....
Bekah was beyond ecstatic! She can't wait to build a snowman, and was content to play out in the cold wet stuff for hours on end.I am one of those who likes to visit snow. Keep it in the mountains where it belongs! I am not a huge fan of the cold and having to go out to warm up my car, so I don't freeze solid to the leather in the bitter cold of morning is sooooo not my idea of a good time. At least the kids had a good time-I stood outside for about 3.5 seconds snapping pictures before rushing back into the warmth of the house-while they seriously were out there for a couple of hours. Crazy kids!On the other hand-I am ready for THIS!
And FINALLY so is he! We have had many a false start at this whole potty training thing-but he had been pretty dang good the last couple of days-only a couple of accidents thus far, and he hates when he does. He doesn't like the feeling of soggy underpants-that's right, no pullups-straight to underwear!
This picture of him on the potty, I am sure will bring him great joy when he gets older to know that it is on the world wide web-so while I am embarassing him-I might as well post this as well-him getting 'ready' to go outside with sis....
Man I love that kid!

Saturday, November 1, 2008


No comment....

After Trick or Treating

Halloween was great! We went to our friends the Appah's for a yummy Thai dinner, and then went out Trick or Treating down this street that EVERYONE goes too. It was so insane with costumed little munchkins-I didn't know there were that many people in the city! After the kids got their bags filled with goodies-we went back to the Appah's for some movies and popcorn.Bekah dressed up like the princess we had planned on and was a lovely little thing... Topher didn't want to wear the frog costume and Paxton didn't want to wear the chicken costume he borrowed-so Topher wore the chicken costume instead. Whatever-he was adorable. I got no pictures of him in it or of Porter in his Lion costume last night-he was sleeping in his stroller the whole time we were out. The real fun started when we got home-we threw all of the coats and costumes on the floor-I took all the candy and put it in a big bowl after I let Topher pick out a piece to eat before bed. I literally had to pry the bag out of his hands-he did not want me to take all his hard work earnings. (Chad and I were both doctors-this is the only picture I have of it-strange for me huh?)Here is a closer look at Toph's face after the candy was taken away, he was so upset with me!This little Princess fell asleep in the car on the way home, and we all sat or laid on the floor for a long time before we finally got up and went to bed-it was an exhausting night followed by a big old sugar crash!

A Carnival of Enchantment

We went to our church Halloween Carnival on Thursday night-and since it wasn't Halloween I let the kids just find some dressups to wear-this is what Bekah came up with... When she came downstairs Chad looked at me and said "I don't know if she's going to steal my teeth or start singing, 'Let's get Physical'" Ha Ha!
So then Chad asked her what she was-a ballerina? a princess? a tooth fairy?
an aerobics instructor?
She replied, "Noooohoooo!" giggling, "I'm a trick-or-treater!" Topher put on this costume from a couple years ago over his clothes-he didn't want to take his airplane sweater off. This picture just makes me laugh-I love the back view of Bekah's make-shift costume! Ha Ha!

Ain't Nothing wrong with the radio

Chad got this new old truck last week. I sent Bekah out with the camera to take some pictures of it while Chad was working on it. 10 minutes later she gave me back the camera with 54 new photos on it-from every angle of the truck. She'd make a great insurance adjuster!