Friday, April 30, 2010

Cuteness Monsters

I made Bekah some new cutesy overalls, and we shaved Porters cute little head. The other little cuteness monster was still in the house, doing monstery things.

Pretty Girl

She is growing up. I can totally see her as a teenager in this picture. WHY!?!?!

Tuesday, April 20, 2010

B & W Kiddo's

I was taking some pictures for a friend of mine at my house the other day. She wanted an old fashioned sepia toned picture of her son that is Porters age with an antique tricycle. She has a similar picture of all of her kids from picture studios.

Anyway, before she got there, I was setting up a little impromptu "studio" in our school room and I wanted to test the size with the bike to make sure I had enough backdrop.
Porter gladly sat there for a picture on his own bike that he rides around the house.
I just had to share this one, there are better ones where I got him giggling.
But THIS face, this is the one he gives me every time I pull out the camera, like he is being painted for a portrait or something. He tilts his head, looks right at me and gives me this face. It kills me!

Then of course the other kids wanted in on the picture taking. Could this boys eyes be any more goo inducing? Seriously he stops my heart with those things, and his big old grin doesn't help!
Bekah is forever wanting to pose with props, and obviously this is morning before her hair was done, but you can see her big old toothless smile. She is getting so grown up!
I need to be better about taking more pictures of my kids-the weather has been so yucky and cold though, so we have pretty much been shut-ins. I can't wait for spring to ACTUALLY get here for more than a day at a time!

Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Gigi's Hugest Announcement Review

I recently joined a book review site "Book Sneeze" and the first thing I reviewed was this DVD called Gigi, God's Little Princess-"Gigi's hugest announcement".Obviously movie this thrilled my 6 year old girl, and even my boys sat through it without any argument. It is very girly and pink and full of tea parties, ballerinas and everything feminine. Gigi is sweet, and loves her best friend and wants her to know all that she knows. She knows she's a princess, because she is a child of God, but she is not a bratty princess at all, which is a point I really like. She loves her friends and her cat and lives a lot in her imagination.
Gigi has big ideas, and they do not ever go according to her plans, but at the end of the day she knows that God loves her no matter how many mistakes she makes or how clutzy she is. The animation is not fantastic, but it is watchable. The stories are based on the books by Sheila Walsh, and my daughter now wants the books too. There are two stories included on the DVD and they both have a great meaning and sweetness to them.
I would recommend this movie to my friends for their little girls, it teaches them good lessons while making it fun.

I was given this DVD to review, all opinions expressed are my own.

Friday, April 9, 2010

Bob Buttons & Two Cute Kids

Here is my new little friend Bob Buttons, you can read all about her here. I LOVE her! My kids are pretty fond of her too.
Bekah lost her 2 toppers, and has a sweet lisp. She is getting way too grown up for my liking!
This sweet boy is a momma's boy and is always bringing me little treasures, like this dandelion today while we were outside enjoying the sun for a bit while Porter was napping.
It's still not warm, but it is sunny, so we went out until our fingers were changing to a nice purple. When oh when is spring going to be here?

Tuesday, April 6, 2010


I never did post a picture of Bekah's very hairy guinea pig Emalii-so I'm doing it now. Bekah loves this little fur ball. The little pig is quite squeaky, but other than that very forgiving with the kids and their need to carry her around and pet her 24-7. She even lets Porter hold her without freaking out too much. I don't think she's all that cute, but she is the easiest pet I've ever had to take care of-even more so than fish-and the kids get something they can actually play with. So I would recommend one if you are wondering what kind of pet to get your kid-and don't want to commit to a dog or a cat. Although I just got a pet myself that I will post pictures of in the next day or two, and she is way cuter than the guinea, and just as easy, in fact they share a cage....