Friday, August 31, 2007

Good Man DS 8.30.07

Daily Drive

The ugly shadow is not supposed to be there-arggh! the button cast the darn thing on my scanner!

Wednesday, August 29, 2007

Mama's Boy DS 8.29.07

Butterfly Cash DS 8.28.07

busy, busy, busy!

I LOVE being a mom, and taking my kids to do fun things, especially with my darling friends and thier cute kids. I would do it everyday...if it wasn't so darn exhausting! We have done something for the last 3 days-BIG truck day-Monday, Zoo-Tuesday, OMSI-today. Cute pictures, fun times, but I need a break.
I'm getting one tomorrow, unfortunately it's not one I would choose! I have to go to an Oregon landlord-tenant law training session. It's from 1-4:30, and I went to one last week too. It wouldn't be that bad, because the lady who is teaching it is actually kind of funny, and the material is interesting, what is annoying about it, is all the landlords that are there. I swear, I would say 90% of them have no common sense, they ask the same questions over and over, or questions that aren't even relative. It's exasperating!
So maybe this weekend I will get a little R&R, it is Labor Day after all. I doubt it though, we are going to the coast, and I don't know if you know this about my kids....they are a little high energy...

Tuesday, August 28, 2007


In my Honest Opinion...all you need is Love. I know it's cheesy, but I believe it!


This is Me

Big Truck DS 8.27.07

I like big trucks and I cannot lie

We went to BIG Truck day yesterday and had some fun seeing the trucks the county uses. Topher was in heaven! Bekah was alright with the whole thing, but was scared to get in any of the trucks until her little buddies came. We've been going non stop the last couple of days...but hey, that's just how we roll. Bekah in a Firetruck.
Topher could not stop saying "whoa!" at this one, he wouldn't look at me for nothin!

It was super bright, so trying to get a picture here was near impossible.
Get 'er done! Topher did not want to come out of this big rig, he was jammin to the music and bouncin on the seat and "vroom vroomin" with the wheel. Probably the best day of his little life!All these little cuties are some of the buddies in our ward. The gorgeous girls (Taylor & Rilee)belong to the Youngs, and the dashing young men (Aidan &Xander) belong to the Johnstons-(Aidan, couldn't get over all the BIG trucks either as you can see!

Sunday, August 26, 2007

Little Picasso's DS

If you give a child ten pennies

...and they pay one to the Bishop-
that makes them full tithe payers!
Our lesson in nursery was on tithing today, so we made little coin pouches and gave all the kids ten pennies. They all put one in their own envelopes to pay to the Bishop and Chad took pictures of them. The rest they got to keep, and they were super excited about that! It turned out really cute I think, and I plan on giving the Bishop a little book or poster or something with all the pictures later on. Have I told you that I love teaching the nursery? Those little kids are sooooo cute, and cuddly and funny and innocent and precious! I LOVE it!

Saturday, August 25, 2007

Kiss the Cook DS

Kiss the Cook

Bekah and I made chocolate chip cookies today, I let Bekah do all the work after I measured it all out. She loves baking with me and Chad, especially when she gets to lick the beaters afterwards, I think she would eat creamed spinach if it was on a beater! Here are just some pictures of my perfectly kissable cook! PS(I know we weren't cooking, we were baking, but that's not how the saying goes, so I'm keeping with the kiss the cook thing OKAY?!?!?)
PSS-Look what this little cutie can do now! Check it out under Our Videos!

Friday, August 24, 2007

Ruined Orchid DS

Manager Calendsar DS

Walkin the dog...and Topher

We took Charlie on a walk today down by Fairview Park. Bekah has been wearing her Easter hat every day lately no matter what she is wearing, it drives me a little crazy, it's cute and all, just getting a little old, but she loves it so whatever. Back to the walking-Bekah walked Charlie and I walked Topher, he kept sitting down on the path and eating rocks, he would throw a fit if I tried to stop him-I swear sometimes that kid makes me so mad-but all he has to do is smile and I forget all about it, Chad told me today that the definition of a child is somebody who makes you more mad than you've ever been, while at the same time loving them more than anyone you've ever loved. That about sums it up.

Baby Back... Yard

We had some playtime in the backyard tonight after dinner-just a few pics of my funny babies. The dog was pretty funny too, he kept looking through the slats on the playground and going down the slide.

Wednesday, August 22, 2007

DS Orchid 8.22.07


Just some little updates-we are dog-sitting Charlie, Tabitha's little daschund, so get ready for either posts of how much I love this funny little puppy or a countdown to when Tab comes to save her dog from me punting it over the fence. (To all of you who know me, or don't-just know that I would never punt a dog over the fence, but I might think about it and smile to myself : ), I actually really like the dog, just don't know how much I will after being it's primary care provider).

Next, Chad started a blog-called the Chronicles of Chad. Check it out, it's pretty cool, and leave him a comment! His first post will explain why he's so happy and positive all the time, (and that's not just a show he puts on for people, he is a genuinely happy person, if you know him at all you will definately know that).

I am still going strong on my Daily Somethings anyone else want to do the challenge too? It's pretty fun to think about a story to "scrapbook" or document in a creative way each day.

Today I am starting a BOM reading challenge to start and finish the Book of Mormon by the end of the year-posted by my cute friend Jess-anyone else want to take that on? Great blessings are promised (check her blog for the specifics) and I know from the last time that we completed this challenge-great blessings will most definately be received!

That's about it for now!


Tuesday, August 21, 2007


Real Boys Wear Pink

Real Boys Wear Pink

Chad hates it, but it was so funny watching him playing in this tutu all night. This was all Christopher!

Hullabaloo Zoo

Another zoo day, we brought Tabby along and had a lot of fun, even though when we left it was chilly, so we wore warm clothes, it turned out to be super hot. Oh well, still fun!

Sunday, August 19, 2007


Bekah, Ha Ha Layout

Just another 6x12 layout I did of Bekah. Just so fun-love the it all!

20 things...

I don't know why this picture didn't turn out well, I will try again later! This layout is 20 things I would tell me while I was in High School if I could. Thought it was pretty fun.