Thursday, October 6, 2011

The Apple of Mom's Eye

Can I just tell you how completely in love I am with this small wonder?

He is the cutest little stinker with the sweetest little face.

He has those sweet baby cheeks that I can't stop kissing.

And the determination of...I don't know what-but think of something really determined and he has that kind of determination.

Oh and those sweet little baby hands...even when they are all red from being out in the cold, melt my heart.
I really wonder if I could possibly love this little monster any more than I do.
At least right now.
He did just have a nap.
He is in a good mood and is not demanding my attention by screaming.
Just demanding it with his cuteness.
Much more effective by the way.
The squeaky wheel in this house does not get the grease...just time outs.
Ha ha.
That is so not the case and this kid knows it.
He yells and we jump.
Bad bad parenting 101.

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