Wednesday, February 17, 2010

3 eyed silly willy's

These sillies thought they were totally hysterical wearing these the other night.
So did I.

...And no I didn't buy the Sponge Bob jammies...they were a hand-me-down from a good friend, they were seen before I had the chance to throw them out...and my boys love them and always want to wear them...even though I NEVER let them watch the show. Most people who know me, know that I think this show is the most wasteful thing ever put on television, and all of his merchandise drives me bonkers. It's my boys' own personal rebellion against's like they know...

Tuesday, February 9, 2010

I had the most pleasant (make that unpleasant) conversation with an 80 year old man today at the grocery store.
I took my kids with me in the morning, and so it was mostly older people in the store shopping, all were very nice to my kids and smiled and talked to them until I got to the self-checkout stand.
This man comes up to me and asks incredulously, “Are all of these your kids?”
I looked around to see if some school just dropped off their field trip gang behind my cart, by the way he said it, when I saw that it was just my little ones, I replied, “Yup, all three are mine.”
He says, “Well I am turning 80 next week, so I know what I’m talking about-you NEED to listen to me.”
He then went on to tell me that I needed to just put them all in front of a big TV and just walk away from them.
Crazy right?
It gets better.
Then he tells me that having children is only good for the government and for eventually paying taxes.
He told me that I needed to put a zipper on “it” (I’ll spare you his language) and that I need to be done having kids.
As he was about to walk away, since I wouldn’t engage in conversation with him…he asks me if they all got social security cards when they were born.
I warily answered yes.
“Well, then see, they already belong to the government and not to you anyway, so why are you even bothering with them?”
I was so livid, but I didn’t want to berate him, so I let him walk away while I fumed.
Can you believe that?
Usually I just get, “You know how that happens right? Ha ha.”
This was something altogether new.

Monday, February 8, 2010

Bekah's Belated Birthday Post

So I am a slacker mom and never posted anything about Bekah's 6th birthday. I usually make such a BIG deal about them that this year just seemed so under-done that I didn't take a ton of pictures-thus the lack of blogging about them!
Her actual birthday was on a day that Chad had to work late so we spent the whole day without him :(.
We did the cake and everything with just us and no daddy-a little depressing, but she still managed to smile when the cake was brought out! (Lazy mom didn't make it this year after home-made Christmas, mom needed a break).
For her party, I totally left my camera at home! WOW! She had a party at an Italian restaurant in town. The girls all made pizza's and ate cake and opened presents and had an absolute blast. I always do such big to-do's and this was so easy and everything was taken care of for me that I wonder why I bother. Bekah was just as happy, the girls all had so much fun, and I got to sit and talk with my friends while someone else dealt with the drama and most of all the mess!
All Bekah wanted for her birthday was a dog. Unfortunately (for, not so much) we are renting in a house that does not allow dogs. So we did the best we could and surprised her with a guinea pig! Bekah named her Emalee and loves her to pieces. I'll have to get some pictures of the fuzzy little rodent up here sometime soon. I thought I would be really grossed out by her, but she is really sweet, and actually purrs when you pet her like a cat. No long yucky tail and her eyes are all covered by her hair-so I can pretend I am petting a furry kitten and not a rat's not so distant relative.
So that was Bekah's birthday almost a whole month ago.

My other blog is monopolizing a lot of my time, and I forget to post here a lot, I will try to do better!
Just know we are all good and happy, my kids are all cute and funny, and we all miss Chad like crazy every day of the week that he is gone. Only a little over a year left of schooling-and then externship! It's hard but...Such is life! :)

Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Daddy's Boy

Every morning my little Porter wakes up yelling "mom" "mom" "MAMMMMMAAAAA" to get my sleepy body upstairs to get him out of his crib. On the weekends when Chad is home, Chad gets to pull him out of bed. Well Porter loved that...maybe because dad is much quicker to answer the call, and maybe because dad feeds him things like donuts for breakfast...or maybe he is just fond of his dad.
Well this morning I heard him wake up, and Chad of course was already gone, but instead of the usual "mom" I heard "dadddeeee" "dadddeee".
He looked a little disappointed to see me to be honest, that's okay we all miss daddy during the week.
When Chad got home tonight at 9:30 Porter just happened to be on his way up to bed-his usual bedtime is 8:30 but we had a late night, Porter doesn't usually see his dad most days of the week because of this.
He was so excited to see him that he just clung to him, and after Chad put him to bed, he cried to get out...he NEVER does that-he loves to go to sleep. So Chad went and got him out and cuddled him for a bit.
Porter had a little perma-smile on his daddy's shoulder the entire time and wanted nothing to do with me.
I had to take a picture of this daddy's boy moment.