Friday, June 17, 2011

Because He's Totally Awesome...

...He goes out in the morning with a giant astro pop while still wearing his jammies and can totally pull it off.

Sunday, June 12, 2011

We don't like Big Buns

One of the things both Bekah and I look forward to every year is the ballet recital mandatory dancers bun.
There are only smiles and laughs as I gently pull her long hair up into the little swirl and tenderly place pins holding it into place.
Mostly just crying of big crocodile tears, wailing and gnashing of teeth, slapping and biting...maybe exaggerating a bit...but nonetheless...
Bekah HATES getting her hair pulled back into a bun, and I am not a fan of seeing my little girl cry.
So every year the last day of recital we cut her hair off, it's celebratory.
She has the summer with the hair off her neck, no chance of a ponytail or any other abomination pulling the little hairs at the back of her head.
Then come ballet in the fall, it's just starting to get long enough again to pull back, and by recital time it's full on ready for her favorite bun.
This years cut while especially short, frames her adorable little freckled nose face quite nicely. :)

Tiny Dancer

Last recital here in Klamath Falls!
I have to admit, I am a little bit...a lot a bit in love with having a little ballerina for a daughter. It's kind of a dream come true. Chad can have his little wrestlers, soccer players, football players, little sluggers, dirt bike enthusiasts whatever...I gave him plenty of boys to live vicariously through...just let me have my tiny dancer...