Saturday, January 27, 2007

One Small Step

Big news here! On the 17th Topher took his first steps on his own! He has been cruising at lightening speed around the furniture for some time now, but he decided it's time to venture out on his own. He won't take more than a couple steps at a time before he sits down and takes off at mock 90 crawling-probably just because he is faster at crawling. I know it will only be a few more days before I am chasing him through stores and parking lots. He's a mischief maker that's for sure! He is constantly into things and leaving huge messes in his wake. No electrical outlet, cupboard or drawer has been left undiscovered or unexplored! Boys are definitely different than girls!

Turning 3, means going the potty!

Yes folks it's true! Our little Bekah is potty trained! Good as can be! All it took was her turning three! It's exciting news here, now we just have to give her that potty party we promised her at Chuck E Cheese's! (We had to go and open our big mouth's didn't we?) Good job, big girl! We are so proud of you!

Friday, January 19, 2007

Bye and Bow Wow

We had to give up our faithful friend Bauer this Monday much to our disappointment. It was just not working out. He needed way more attention and room than we could give him. He is a big baby who wants to be played with 24-7 and we just had too much going on. We gave him to a really great couple with no kids and lots of time and room to spare for him. They changed his name to Banjo! We hope he has a long and happy life with them-Bow wow good friend bow wow.

Then we also said goodbye to Trae today! He left to bootcamp for the next 8 weeks. Trae, our prayers are with you for a safe return, and that time will pass by very quickly for your lonely wife here at home. Thanks for being who you are, and for your willingness to serve our country. We all appreciate you!

Tuesday, January 16, 2007

Dashing through the Snow

Tuesday, Jan. 16th

Wow! It actually snowed enough here to go sledding on Tuesday! It snowed about 3 inches in places. You Utahn's will laugh at this-the schools, banks and many businesses were closed for at least one if not the last 3 days because of "the extreme weather". People seriously shut themselves in! We were not among them. We were out playing in a park near our house throwing snowballs, sledding down a hill (no mountain by any means, but a hill nonetheless), and enjoying all the white! The roads were slippery for sure, as Chad proved by sliding into a curb and denting the wheel of our van, but it was not by any means anything like we got in Utah! Nothing was on TV for the entire day the first day except 'snow coverage'. It was humorous to us to see all the big commotion. But I'll tell you what-the kids, (and by kids, I mean us big kids, and Bekah too) had a blast!!! Bring on the snow baby!

Monday, January 15, 2007

To Trae...On His Way to the Navy

Bill's (somewhat unofficial) Guide to Surviving Boot Camp

1. When you arrive at the base, there will be a big steaming pile of self-esteem just outside the gate.Drop yours off too. You can pick it up when you leave.
2. Show up in your best clean underwear. Everyone's gonna see 'em, and they'll probably make you mail 'em home.
3. They'll probably have you write a letter home immediately to let your family know you got there OK and to pass on your mailing address. This may seem an awful lot like those forced public statements of POWs, but it's not. Really!
4. A wise old proverb states "if you can't improve upon the silence, don't speak." As far as bootcamp is concerned, however, you'll quickly discover endless possibilities for improvement. But shut up anyway!
5. I think body lice prefer to travel downhill. Get a top bunk. Far from the bathroom. Preferably above some rich kid from some clean state. Connecticut maybe.
6. Never be first.. .or last... .for anything. That includes the chow line, showers, lining up for immunizations... anything!
7. Remember—military doctors usually didn't turn down a position at Johns Hopkins. When Commander Edward Scissor fingers tells you to turn your head and cough, do so in a smooth, fluid motion, avoiding any intense body-jarring spasm.
8. S.O.S. for breakfast is an acquired taste. Acquire it quickly. And try to avoid referring to it as baked vomit. They don't like that.
9. They'll call for volunteers quickly, primarily to identify the stupid people. Don't be an idiot!
10. Don't be the worst at anything you do as a group.
11. Don't be the best at anything you do as a group.
12. Chapel seems to beat the heck out of anything else they'll have you doing on Sunday mornings. Go to church.
13. If your government issue underwear suddenly doesn't seem to fit, remember that everyone's looks identical. Think about it.
14. If you think things can't get any worse, wait a few minutes.
15. There's always at least one person during the first week or so, who'll make comments like "This ain't so bad" or "Piece of Cake!" or "Bring it on!" By the second or third week if you can't sleep and you're in the mood for a late night chat, you'll likely find them on their hands and knees scrubbing toilets with their toothbrush.
16. And speaking of toothbushes, the Reach brand is particularly useful. They're angled you know.
17. Don't put anything in your pockets that you wouldn't want in your mouth. Believe me, mail doesn't taste so good.
18. If you get an easy assignment, make it look as difficult as you can get away with. And try to lookas miserable as possible doing it. Drill Instructors eat that up.
19. You're right-forty or so guys sharing one bathroom doesn't smell so good. Get over it.
20. Contrary to popular advice, ALWAYS let 'em see you sweat.
21. Learn a lesson from the gazelle. Always travel in groups and stay in the middle.
22. You won't forget how to drive. Really! But by the time you leave, you'll think that any travel faster than 5 mph or so is truly an amazing thing.
23. Take comfort in the fact that everyone else there is as miserable as you are. Except maybe for the hairlip from Tennessee. There's always one.
24. You'll shave so close that you'll wear off the first few layers of face. It'll grow back.
25. Avoid the common pitfall of comparing yourself with others. It's cold, and a certain amount of shrinkage is normal.
26. No matter how bad things get, remember that only about 4 or 5 guys die each year in boot camp. The odds are in your favor.
27. In the unlikely event you find yourself bored, you might consider presenting your Company Commander with a formal list of grievances. That should do the trick.
28. By Week 3, and no matter how compassionate you are, other people's misery will likely be your only source for quality entertainment. There's something hysterically funny about a naked guy being chased by a jeep at 3 AM. That's funny—I don't care who you are. Unless it's you, but remember, they're laughing with you...
29. When you get depressed, try and cheer yourself up with thoughts of home, family, and friends. If you can, try to imagine we're all as miserable as you are. I guarantee we won't be, but it'll giveyou something to think about while you're spit shining something. And never forget the lesson that Blake has taught us all recently. This too shall pass!

(A little Post Script to the last one: Our friend Blake was recently released from the hospital, for a rather gruesome procedure, but is now doing well!)

Sunday, January 14, 2007

Bekah's Blues Clues Birthday Party

We had a 2 day celebration for this little princess! She got spoiled rotten, and she loved every minute of it! She woke up of course to her room being decorated, then feasted on awfuls (waffles), with chocolate chips for breakfast. She got to watch videos until her dad got home, which was a real treat since I usually only let her watch one a day if at all. She drank lots of chocolate milk and snacked on all her favorites all curled up on the couch-her idea of a great day! Then we went to my moms house for Bekah's party/ surprise going away party for Trae, (Tab's husband who is leaving on Thursday for Navy Boot Camp). We ate yummy southern food, (Trae is from the South), opened gifts, and ate Blues Clues Cake. Our friend Bill wrote the (somewhat unofficial) guide to surviving boot camp, (above) which was very funny.
On Saturday we had a Blues Clues Party for Bekah at my moms house for her and her friends. It was really fun even though just 2 of her little friends came-Hayden, (Bill & Diana's grand daughter, and a cute little spunky 2 year old from our ward Jordan. My moms house is about 20 minutes from where we live, so I didn't expect a lot of people to show up, still it was a lot of fun, more quiet than I expected, but fun nonetheless! We played 'Pin the clue on Blue', swung a stick at a Piniata, (which was more like tapping gently the piniata!), made our own 'Handy Dandy Notebooks', ate cupcakes with 'clues' on them, and watched an episode of Blues Clues of course! We then went over to the Carters to celebrate Vera's 40th birthday- it's been a bit nuts on the birthday front here! Topher thinks this has been great- all the kids, balloons, cake, toys and fun! Today is Chad's birthday, then we get a breather for at least a couple of weeks!

Chad turns 29...again?

Sunday-Chad had his 34th birthday-which we are all still having to figure out the math on how he really is that old! Doesn't look a day over 28, the age he was when I married this hunk! My mom made him a delicious carniverous meal of steak, greens, potatoes, biscuits and spinach. Then for his 'cake' there was brownies with frosting, rice pudding and of course vanilla ice cream, (I know he's got dull taste in ice cream, but look at his wife! His taste can't be all that dull!) He got a couple new games to play and a brake calliper thing-a-mabob, that he was really excited about, but I haven't a clue what it's for. He got all the Superman DVDs from me, (that's what he wanted, I know, dull, right? Maybe I'm not as exciting as I thought I was, or maybe I am all the excitement this old man can handle!) Happy Birthday Honey, I Love You!

Friday, January 12, 2007

First Snow

Yes we actually got some snow here! Bekah was thrilled and couldn't wait to get out in it to play. This was Christophers first experience with the snow and he didn't seem to care one way or the other. He would even grab it with his bare hands, not caring too much about the cold until he wanted to crawl in it and got it all over his face. He didn't think to highly of it after that! The dog was in heaven! He loved it! He was running around like a maniac. It was a sunny morning, so a lot of it melted, but there is still a little on the ground. I added a video-not too exciting, but it was Tophers first snow, so I wanted to get it on film.

Bekah is Three!

It's Bekah's Birthday! She is so excited-she has been running around saying "it's my birthday, it's my birthday, it's my birthday" all day. She is having a great day, and it's just morning! She has a lot of party left!

Thursday, January 4, 2007

Up Up in the Sky!

Well, this is something I can cross off my life list now! I have always wanted to take a ride in a helicopter but was not sure I'd ever get the chance. Even after 2 of my brother in laws got their licenses and fly for a living, I didn't know if I would ever get the chance. My brother in law Brian gave us that chance though, and it was awesome! (Chad has ridden with Matt, his brother once before, but this was my first time). Brian flew us up Hobble Creek Canyon, it was incredible! The views were gorgeous and the ride was smooth, which I was not expecting at all. We went out on New Years Day, right before we started our long drive home. What a way to start out the New Year, in the clouds!  Thank you Brian for the great flight, we loved it!

Happy Birthday to Me!

Check out this great Birthday Present my mom did for me! She took Bekah and Topher to this upper end portrait studio, where they supply the clothes and everything! What a great surprise! My kids are so stinkin cute! Thank you mom!

Wednesday, January 3, 2007


This is Chad's dear Grammy. She is Chad's fathers mother. Mona, Chad's mom is now taking care of her to keep her out of a nursing home. She is the sweetest little lady, Ryeleigh just dotes on her. It was sure good seeing her again on our short little trip.

Kissy Kissy Smoochie Cheeks

The best part of our trip to Utah was seeing all the new little babies that we hadn't met yet! Topher will have lots of little buddies right around his own age if we ever move back that way! First there is Ryken, Scott and Suzanna's little guy who is about 2 months younger than Topher, but the same size if not bigger! Than there is Owen, Melissa and Mark Christensens little guy, who I didn't get any pics of myself, but I stole one off her in-laws page so you can see the cutie! He is just over a month old, and is so stinkin cute! It was so great to see his parents and catch up with them. Then there is Allison, my friends Kama and John Petersbergers baby who is just over 3 months old. They just moved into a new house in Cedar Hills which is gorgeous! I am very happy for them, her 2 older kids are just adorable too. Can you believe all those cheeks on those little babies? So kissable!

Tuesday, January 2, 2007

Best Buddy

Of course we knew this would happen! Bekah and Connor picked right up where they left off. They played they fought, they hugged, they laughed, they had a ball! Connor was even over heard telling Bekah and his mom, that he didn't want Bekah to grow up, he likes her just the way she is now. He wants her to keep her hair the same and just stay little! It was pretty much the funniest thing ever. It's good to know that they can still be buddies even living 800 miles apart!