Saturday, March 7, 2009

3 is too big for me!

My little boy, my pal, my little man, my toot toot, my tough dude, my sweetie peetie and my silly little monkey bum just turned 3.
Slow down time!
These three years have flown by and he has gone from my little, yet chunky 9.5 lb helpless newborn to this little person, who has opinions and attitude-makes up stories, sings songs, goes potty, gets himself dressed, has friends and wants to do things all by himself because he's "not a baby anymore mom", thank you very much.
He had a great birthday...he woke up to decorations and his favorite breakfast-panacake a pederos,(pancakes). He had his party...and then got to open presents from the family, had lots of phone calls with birthday wishes from all of his grandma's and gave lots of hugs and thank you's-he was very polite and grateful for everything. I am so happy to be this little man's mommy.
Then we went over to the Appah's for dinner-is that a perfect day or what?

Monster Surprise

After all the excitement of a party, opening presents and being perfectly spoiled all day, he still had the surprise of his little 3 year old life coming.
An F150 Power Wheels with "monster traction" so he can ride it all over the grass, and gravel that we have an over abundance of. It even has an radio that works better than Chad's!
We really wanted to get him this, because we knew he would react just the way he did!
Grandma Julie helped us out so we could get it, thanks mom!
That is one excited kid!
This was the look he had on his face pretty much the whole time he was driving-we didn't have to ask him to smile at all!
He was very willing to share in his joy and gave his sister and brother rides all over the backyard much to their delight.
He was even willing to let Bekah drive for a bit...
What every boy looks like when he lets a girl drive his truck...
It was well worth the money! Don't ya think? Look at that face!

Sunday, March 1, 2009

Bird Brains

Since we were all home on Saturday (for once-it's been crazy lately!) we decided we better get out and do something rather than waste the day away! We went out to the wildlife refuge and looked at birds. Chad brought binoculars and a field guide. Bekah loved looking at all the birds and then finding them in the book. I loved playing with my zoom lens I hadn't played with yet-I've had it since I got my camera and hadn't done anything with it. I forgot to take pictures of the birds though....
...oh well!