Monday, March 22, 2010

Bekah is on a roll

This girl is cracking me up left and right lately!

We had Zachary and Ryeleigh with us this weekend while we were staying in Utah. Well we needed to get them home because they were getting family pictures taken that day.

Chad and the kids were playing a game of Rummikub while I was getting my kids ready to go.
I told him that he needed to hurry up, or their mom was going to have a cow, and then I left to go get shoes and socks on my kids.

Came back a couple minutes later and Bekah had joined them, I said, "Seriously, if we don't get out of here, their mom is going to birth a baby cow, right there on the porch."

So they gathered up their stuff, ended the game and we left.

We get to their house and they are saying goodbye to everyone, and Bekah says;
"Have fun with your baby cow!"

Seriously had tears rolling down my cheeks.

Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Little Mother

Another overheard moment this week...
I tucked the kids into bed and told them to say their prayers, Christopher started praying after I closed the door to go get ready for bed myself.
Now you have to know that Tophers prayers are usually about 30 seconds long on a good night, so I was super surprised to come back a few minutes later to listen at the door to hear him still praying, and just finishing up.
The second he says Amen, I hear Bekah say;

"Christopher Michael! We do NOT pray for stuff like that!"

I still have no idea what he was praying for, probably either to be able to play on the DS all day the next day, or for Bekah to be nice to him and let him have all her treats or something.

It made me giggle though that she is such a little mother.

Thursday, March 11, 2010


Bekah and Topher are upstairs "cleaning" (yeah right), and I hear this little tidbit;

Topher: "I love Santa Claus."

Bekah: "Of course you do, that's because Santa and Jesus are brothers."

Love kid logic.

Monday, March 8, 2010

Topher's New Wheels

It was a no brainer what to get for Topher for his birthday since he's been riding around on a butterfly dreams bike.
He's pretty happy with his new wheels.
Now he just needs to learn to ride it! My kids have had the unfortunate lot to not have a place to ride bikes at any place we have lived in over the past 4 years. We have a great yard, but no sidewalk, or concrete driveway-just dirt and gravel. I need to make it a priority to take the kids and their bikes places this summer.


Topher wakes up to being 4

Going with tradition-I decorated Topher's room (actually it was Bekah's room, we can't get him to sleep in his own room, when Bekah is so cozy to cuddle with) for his birthday. He was super excited to wake up to the balloons and the day all about him.

Topher's Birthday Party

Oh wait this isn't Topher!
But it is a cute boy who attended his party...Oh there's Topher!
He is holding one of his cute presents that my most talented friend made for him.
Here he is with his friend getting ready to blow out his candle, he loves all the attention.
For his birthday party we went to a local pizza place with a few of his buddies and let them play on all the toys and arcade games for an hour or so. They had a blast, and once again-no clean up before or after for me-why again do I do the big parties usually? :)

Why Hello little Gummy Bear!

Today we had our first look at our little bean!
This puts our due date at October 5th.
Normal pregnancy due date calculators put me a week earlier, but I don't do the typical 40 week pregnancies.
Bekah was calculated at 44 weeks, and came 4 days later than that. (weighing in at 8lbs 8oz)
Christopher was calculated at 43.5 weeks and came 5 days later than that. (weighing in at 9lbs 5oz)
Porter was calculated at 43 weeks and came 5 weeks and 2 days earlier than that. (weighing in at 6lbs almost on the dot)
This baby is calculated to be warm and cozy for 41 weeks-so hey they're getting closer!

Here is our little gummy bear!
Everything looks great, the little heart beat is adorable and we saw the little arm wiggling and waving. I've never had an ultrasound this early, it was fun, and comforting to be able to see the sweet little thing, and hear the heartbeat this early! :)