Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Little Mother

Another overheard moment this week...
I tucked the kids into bed and told them to say their prayers, Christopher started praying after I closed the door to go get ready for bed myself.
Now you have to know that Tophers prayers are usually about 30 seconds long on a good night, so I was super surprised to come back a few minutes later to listen at the door to hear him still praying, and just finishing up.
The second he says Amen, I hear Bekah say;

"Christopher Michael! We do NOT pray for stuff like that!"

I still have no idea what he was praying for, probably either to be able to play on the DS all day the next day, or for Bekah to be nice to him and let him have all her treats or something.

It made me giggle though that she is such a little mother.

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