Thursday, July 22, 2010

30 Weeks

Just took some pictures of me at 30 weeks today.
Everyone is pretty sure I won't be making it another full 10 weeks (I am hoping for 8), because according to to public opinion I am ginormous! :)
If you want to see a few more, you can go here.

Porter Age 2

I have Porters 2 year old pictures up on the photog blog. I can't believe this little stink is 2!
Took him to the doctor this week, and he was 51% for weight, 85% for height and 91% for his head.
Tall, thin and a big old noggin...
No problems with that! But because of his height and weight being very close to his 4 year old brothers...we get asked a lot if they are twins.

Poor little Toph.

Trying to Catch the Moon

The other night while we were all outside enjoying the night air Bekah pointed out the moon to Porter.
He got very excited about it, ran into the garage and came out with one of our large butterfly nets.
He would point at the moon and say, "Catch it!"
Then when no one else was able because we were laughing...and well because I'm pretty sure you can't catch the moon with a butterfly net...
Porter would reach with that net and say, "Catch it, Moon!"
It was pretty much the cutest thing I had ever seen, he kept it up for a good 20 minutes, trying himself and then trying to get others to help him.
Well it's at least as cute as that little boy bum in tiny little boy underwear. :)

Sweets from my Sweets

I made the kids a little Sweet Shoppe this last weekend, so they could sell some candy and lemonade on these hot days.
Wouldn't you buy something from these little sweeties? Tutorial on how to make this is here.