Monday, April 4, 2011

Is there anything sweeter...

...than a baby sleeping on your shoulder?

I can't think of one.single.thing.

This little guy has us smitten.
Crazy in love.

We would do anything to make him smile.

He knows this, and demands attention at all hours of the day.

We give it, even when the dishes have been piling up for days, the garage is a mess, there are pictures to edit, a neglected family blog, exercise to do, laundry to be put away, and meals to prepare.

Sometimes we wish we could do those other things that need our attention, but getting smiles and slobbery kisses from him is just too big a temptation to pass up 99% of the time.

So yes, our house is messy, and there are things left undone.

But he is our last...and we are soaking it up.