Monday, March 22, 2010

Bekah is on a roll

This girl is cracking me up left and right lately!

We had Zachary and Ryeleigh with us this weekend while we were staying in Utah. Well we needed to get them home because they were getting family pictures taken that day.

Chad and the kids were playing a game of Rummikub while I was getting my kids ready to go.
I told him that he needed to hurry up, or their mom was going to have a cow, and then I left to go get shoes and socks on my kids.

Came back a couple minutes later and Bekah had joined them, I said, "Seriously, if we don't get out of here, their mom is going to birth a baby cow, right there on the porch."

So they gathered up their stuff, ended the game and we left.

We get to their house and they are saying goodbye to everyone, and Bekah says;
"Have fun with your baby cow!"

Seriously had tears rolling down my cheeks.

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