Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Daddy's Boy

Every morning my little Porter wakes up yelling "mom" "mom" "MAMMMMMAAAAA" to get my sleepy body upstairs to get him out of his crib. On the weekends when Chad is home, Chad gets to pull him out of bed. Well Porter loved that...maybe because dad is much quicker to answer the call, and maybe because dad feeds him things like donuts for breakfast...or maybe he is just fond of his dad.
Well this morning I heard him wake up, and Chad of course was already gone, but instead of the usual "mom" I heard "dadddeeee" "dadddeee".
He looked a little disappointed to see me to be honest, that's okay we all miss daddy during the week.
When Chad got home tonight at 9:30 Porter just happened to be on his way up to bed-his usual bedtime is 8:30 but we had a late night, Porter doesn't usually see his dad most days of the week because of this.
He was so excited to see him that he just clung to him, and after Chad put him to bed, he cried to get out...he NEVER does that-he loves to go to sleep. So Chad went and got him out and cuddled him for a bit.
Porter had a little perma-smile on his daddy's shoulder the entire time and wanted nothing to do with me.
I had to take a picture of this daddy's boy moment.


Rachel Garcia said...

The new one must be a girl!! He is already feeling the girl JUJU!!

Lisa - edenwild said...

Aww, that is so sweet.

Julie Smith said...

I miss that little guy! I'm referring to Porter, allthough I miss Chad too :-)