Wednesday, August 29, 2007

busy, busy, busy!

I LOVE being a mom, and taking my kids to do fun things, especially with my darling friends and thier cute kids. I would do it everyday...if it wasn't so darn exhausting! We have done something for the last 3 days-BIG truck day-Monday, Zoo-Tuesday, OMSI-today. Cute pictures, fun times, but I need a break.
I'm getting one tomorrow, unfortunately it's not one I would choose! I have to go to an Oregon landlord-tenant law training session. It's from 1-4:30, and I went to one last week too. It wouldn't be that bad, because the lady who is teaching it is actually kind of funny, and the material is interesting, what is annoying about it, is all the landlords that are there. I swear, I would say 90% of them have no common sense, they ask the same questions over and over, or questions that aren't even relative. It's exasperating!
So maybe this weekend I will get a little R&R, it is Labor Day after all. I doubt it though, we are going to the coast, and I don't know if you know this about my kids....they are a little high energy...

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