Tuesday, April 20, 2010

B & W Kiddo's

I was taking some pictures for a friend of mine at my house the other day. She wanted an old fashioned sepia toned picture of her son that is Porters age with an antique tricycle. She has a similar picture of all of her kids from picture studios.

Anyway, before she got there, I was setting up a little impromptu "studio" in our school room and I wanted to test the size with the bike to make sure I had enough backdrop.
Porter gladly sat there for a picture on his own bike that he rides around the house.
I just had to share this one, there are better ones where I got him giggling.
But THIS face, this is the one he gives me every time I pull out the camera, like he is being painted for a portrait or something. He tilts his head, looks right at me and gives me this face. It kills me!

Then of course the other kids wanted in on the picture taking. Could this boys eyes be any more goo inducing? Seriously he stops my heart with those things, and his big old grin doesn't help!
Bekah is forever wanting to pose with props, and obviously this is morning before her hair was done, but you can see her big old toothless smile. She is getting so grown up!
I need to be better about taking more pictures of my kids-the weather has been so yucky and cold though, so we have pretty much been shut-ins. I can't wait for spring to ACTUALLY get here for more than a day at a time!

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Dustan and Micayla said...

They are SO cute!! Great job on the photos too Tiff!!