Friday, April 9, 2010

Bob Buttons & Two Cute Kids

Here is my new little friend Bob Buttons, you can read all about her here. I LOVE her! My kids are pretty fond of her too.
Bekah lost her 2 toppers, and has a sweet lisp. She is getting way too grown up for my liking!
This sweet boy is a momma's boy and is always bringing me little treasures, like this dandelion today while we were outside enjoying the sun for a bit while Porter was napping.
It's still not warm, but it is sunny, so we went out until our fingers were changing to a nice purple. When oh when is spring going to be here?

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Haley and Jon said...

Hey! Cute Pictures! Congratulations on the new little one! That is so exciting. I am due Oct. 8th. I guess we'll see who has theirs first ;) I went over by a week with Gannon too.