Monday, October 5, 2009

This Child, Porter

I was certain that this was going to be my earliest walker-or at least fall in line with his siblings, (Bekah 9 months, Topher 10 months). He was pulling himself up to furniture way eariler than the other two and just seemed so interested in whatever was up at his eye level. 

Well that curiosity turned him into my only climber. This kid will climb anything, and has the concept of a stool down to a science. I have found him on dressers, counters, tables, the back of the couch trying to climb to the window-all in a single day.

Walking though is another story. 

Oh he can do it. 

He took his first steps from the couch to the table at least 4 months ago. 

He will walk down the hall to me if I make him.

He will walk for miles if he knows an m&m is waiting for him at the other end.

He just still crawls 90% of the time.

I don’t even remember my other two crawling because they just flew past that, they crawled for what seemed like a minute and then thought this is not fun, and they walked. 

I’m not worried, he is just barely turning 15 months this month, and I know someday he will prefer walking to crawling.

I just get frustrated that he still wants to crawl outside and get his hands all dirty and that I have to vaccuum still twice a day, because he is still crawling around on the floor.

Oh and note to self…Never take this kid to a movie again-EVER!

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