Thursday, January 7, 2010

School is in session....

We started another school year on Monday...and the best part is...we turned our back bedroom into a school room!
We have bookshelves, and filing cabinets, and room for the keyboard, and a place to sit and do art projects and school assignments.
Today the kids were playing with the present that Porter gave them for
...and the very best part, when it was time for lunch...I didn't have to clean play-dough off the table first, and when they were done eating they went back to playing.
Christopher was concentrating very hard on making a play-dough ball, and Bekah was working on her school work for the day.
Both of the kids are always excited in the morning to get to school work, my kids love a routine, especially if mom is giving them undivided attention during said routine.
Mom is very happy to give them attention, and very excited to have all of the school stuff in one room instead of in her living room! :)


Julie Smith said...

Love the room, so cute!

Lisa - edenwild said...

How nice to have a room and not just a corner! I wonder what we will do when Michael's ready for school...I'm not giving up my office!