Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Graffiti Thug

This is one of those "Keeping it Real" posts.
You are going to see things-that are not pretty, not clean, and NOT CUTE!
They were made by a cute little guy, so it counts.
My 2 year old is a Graffiti Thug.
As an artist, I can appreciate the talent of some good graffiti on the side of a building.
As a photographer, I really appreciate some well placed graffiti on an abandoned train car.
As a mother, I do not, under any circumstance, no matter how well done, do I appreciate graffiti on my walls.
My kids are well aware of this.
But like I said, my 2 year old is a thug.
He has no respect for the law.
He laughs in the face of danger.
He gets a thrill out of the fear of being caught.
It's a real adrenaline rush for him, I tell ya.
Well for the last month or so, I have yelled and screamed, talked gently face to face with him, given time-outs, spanked hands, threw away the majority of markers in the house...all to no avail.
Usually I make him clean it up, but lately I've just let it sit on the wall-
One because he LIKES to clean it up and...
Two because once it is clean, he looks at it like a blank canvas.
Today he really had a hay day when he found not one, but two markers.
He really out did himself-his gang leader is probably really proud.
I'm sure my little boy is about to be promoted to head thug.
I went around with my camera today and just snapped a few of the places you will find this kid's tags...

So I'm pretty sure every wall in our house has some sort of art work on it at this point...
Which is why I think he decided to start on the appliances today.

Luckily this was dry erase came off really easily...he was not happy with me for cleaning it off so quickly.
He threw a bit of a fit.
What else can you expect from a thug?
It looks like this Saturday the whole family gets to get in on a community service project of cleaning up the graffiti that this little thug has adorned our walls with.
He sure is a cute little thug.

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