Friday, October 18, 2013

Our Movie Collection

So, most of our friends and family know that we have a small, little, tiny, minuscule movie collection.
On the off chance that we might have something you want to borrow...I have made it easy to browse them and see what we have.
You can let me know what you want to borrow and I can mark that it's rented and who it's rented to, which is nice for this scatterbrain!
You can use the search bar, you can choose to see the cover art by clicking on the wall button, you can click on the movie and see the summary and even watch the trailer. We have a few seasons of TV shows on DVD too, so you can click on the TV Shows under Media Types if you are looking for some binge watching. I am adding new movies all the time (weekly, not kidding), and still have at least 100 to add at the time of this writing.

To get to the movies all you have to do is click on the menu tab at the top that says OUR MOVIE COLLECTION, and you can "go to there."
No more RedBox-now you can rent from the ChadBox! :)

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