Wednesday, December 2, 2009

Cute Kiddos

I know I'm a little late with my 3 things today...
My husband just finished his last final today, and the past few days have been nuts-o with all the studying and everything else!
But it is finally over for the semester, and I get my husband home for Christmas break! :)
My three things this week are brought to you by the letter C
First I want to draw your attention up to my navigation bars at the top of this blog...
See the link that says, "Cute Blogs"?
Well this is my list of blogs that I find inspiration from, so if you are looking for some cuteness, look no further! Do you want to add your blog to the list? Just contact me, and let me know your blog address, and I'll add your button or link, (as long as it's appropriate that is).
Second thing is Cops. For Homeschool group this week we went on a field trip to the Sheriff's station. The kids got to get in the car, and meet the Police Dog,
Shelby and see where they do interrogations etc... The detective who gave us our tour, was super nice and let all the kids pick out a Beanie Baby from their supply closet. It was a great field trip and the kids have not stopped talking about it.
Third we have Christmas prep...which seems to be all we have been doing lately!
We have cut down and decorated the tree, found fun surprises in our advent stockings, made gingerbread houses, played games, read stories, watched most of the classics, and of course been working hard on our hand made gifts!
Bekah is the closest to being done. She is making farm animal blocks and a barn box for Porter.
Then she made this beanbag chair for Christopher!He is going to love it!
I will have a small tutorial up on how to make these, tomorrow on
"The Craft Rookie" for Friendly Friday.
See ya then!
I'm off to the movies with my kids...and my husband (yea!), we're going to go see Planet 51...and then to the Snowflake Parade, if it's not too freezing!

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