Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Sweet & Seven

My eeny tiny little baby girl, my first born, that little bundle that I took home from the hospital with such awe and wonder, with no idea what to expect...
...well she turned 7 today-and whatever I expected, I never expected such a wonderful little daughter, angel and friend.

My friend gave me this amazing doll house because her kids got a new, bigger and better model for Christmas and I was so excited to see Bekah's face when she saw it in the middle of her room when she woke up. I was not disappointed! :)
I stuffed it to the brim with clothes, dolls, squinkies and other little odds and ends, so that when she went to look inside she was even more surprised. I plan on furnishing it little by little with some cute wooden furniture, but for now all the kids are having a ball with it, with all the little toys they have.
We have more birthday celebrating to do this week-for today we just played and ate junk food all day. Her kind of day! :)


Sara said...

I have no idea what a squinkie is, but yay! for Bekah!

I loved seeing you over Christmas!

Jamie said...

K so I think sometimes that I am a dork! I finally figured out your whole blog and I think I left a comment somewhere that probably didn't even make sense.. Like I didn't realize that you already had your 4th baby! So anyway... sorry about the late congratulations! He is so adorable... all of your kids are. Love watching all of the cute movies that you have on here. Sorry I missed you when you were in Utah. We will have to get together next time you come. Anyway take care. Thank goodness for blogs, so we can keep in touch!

A. Simpson said...

What a cool dollhouse. Uhhh, I concur, what is a squinkie???