Sunday, January 2, 2011

This one

Do you ever want to throw one of your kids out a window?
Of course, a bottom story one with a one foot drop and padding to catch him...of course I meant that...
Well I have that thought several times a day with this one... Well, sure he's cute and funny in that picture with his sisters tutu on, chewing on a binky and snuggling a bear-but that was a good moment...let me enlighten you...
This kid says NO constantly.
This kid only listens to his dad...who isn't here most of the day.
Much like a dog with only one master.
This kid writes on everything no matter how high up I keep writing utensils...he finds them.
This kid screams like a banshee when things don't go his way...which is constantly.
This kid has no patience.
This kid picks fight with his overly sensitive brother...just to make him cry.
This kid dumps out everything...just for kicks.
This kid stays up until past matter what we do.
This kid mauls his baby brother...
Well sure, this picture doesn't really show that. They both seem happy. Okay, okay, his baby brother doesn't always mind the mauling...but sometimes he does, and then I have a crying baby who was only moments before smiling and giggling.
He takes things at the store he wants...and throws them in the cart.
If you put them back, or say no-just get ready to be no end.
I'm talking things thrown off the shelves at alarming rates, screaming at the top of his lungs, grabbing it anyway and running towards the doors.
Put him in the cart and buckle him down you say?
Fat chance.
He can undo those seat belts in a nano second and will stand up in the cart-and fall out if you don't catch him and let him down.
No discipline.
Not that we don't try...constantly. Well sure, he looks all sweet and innocent here. This doesn't really show how he is the other 95% of the day though.
This kid wrote the book on the terrible twos.
You do believe me...right?
Okay so during the other 5% of the day...
This kid gives the best cuddles.
This kid has the cutest dimples.
This kid says the funniest things.
This kid has fantastic manners when things do go his way...and his thank you's are so cute, you want to please him as much as possible.
No matter how naughty he is, you can't help but love just have no control.
I guess it's that other 5% of the day, when he is being sweet, funny, cute and a perfect little angel is why I don't throw him out the window huh?
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