Wednesday, March 7, 2012

Christopher's 6th Birthday

This kid.
He sure knows how to make us smile. 
Even in a group as animated as this one. 
He is not one to go unnoticed.

Had to throw in this messy kid. 
He likes cake, and he's not afraid to show it.
Christopher's birthday was pretty low key.
We went to Disneyland the week before.
We really couldn't top that.
We had presents and cake and ice cream, ate pancakes for breakfast and pretty much just vegged out in front of video games the whole. entire. day. 

Some things about Christopher at age six.

  • He has two volumes; loud and really loud
  • He is brilliant at math-seriously does stuff in his head that I have to write down and borrow and carry and stuff
  • He is a good reader, but doesn't really enjoy it
  • He is Mario Brothers obsessed. He is really good at video games and would play them all day, every day if mom would just let him have his way.
  • He is silly. All. The. Time. 
  • He likes to dance, and has some pretty funky moves.
  • He is so sensitive and cries easily...a little too easily most of the time.
  • He is very sweet to his sister and Oliver...and Porter...most of the time.
  • He still likes to cuddle with mom and dad.
  • He is our only kid that can't stay up late-he crashes wherever he is when the clock hits about eleven. 
  • Exception to the previous statement is if he is playing his DSi or the Wii. Then the kid has no limit.
  • He has a big imagination and loves to play pretend.
  • He loves Star Wars
  • He likes to build things with blocks, Lego's and anything else he can stack up into interesting contraptions.
  • He says the most thoughtful prayers of any of my kids. He always thinks about what he is saying and prays for specific things. I love this about him.
  • He is really fun to be with.
  • He tells people his name is Christopher, but his family calls him Topher.
  • He has a bit of a short fuse, but is quick to say he is sorry.
  • He's not as fearless as he once was
  • He is all boy, farts, poop and burp jokes are absolutely the funniest things on the planet.
  • We love him so much and can't believe that 6 years have gone by since that big nine pound five ounce baby came into our lives and turned into our little Toph guy.

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