Monday, February 20, 2012


Porter leaves his masterpieces all over my walls on a nearly daily basis. 
No lie.
I throw crayons away.
I hide pencils and pens like they are expensive chocolates.
I keep permanent markers on my list of things that don't enter the house...I mean right up there with porn and crack.
Yet somehow he manages to find things that I don't know exist or finds my secret stash or climbs the wall like a spider monkey to get the pencils off the high shelves.
This was our favorite find.
My baby covered in permanent markers that Bekah had gotten from her school this week. 
Not aware they were permanent.
Not until we tried to clean his face, hair, stomach, hands, arms, legs, neck.
This is the morning after the fact.

My little artist is going places.
Like a time out.

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