Monday, September 17, 2007

Row Row Your Boat

That is what Bekah kept singing as Chad rowed our little zodiak boat around Harriet Lake on Saturday. This boat has been around in Chad's family for over 20 years and is still doing great, which completely amazes me! It came into our possesion at the first of the year and Chad has been itching to get it out all summer, this is the first time that we did though. I think he was a little disappointed the kids didn't have a longer attention span for it, they got a little fussy and bored about an hour after we got on it, and Chad only maybe got 5 minutes of fishing in.
It was still a great day out on the lake, the weather was perfect, there was hardly anyone out there and the lake was clean and beautiful. The kids entertained themselves by throwing their peanut butter sandwiches and crackers into the lake for the ducks and I kept myself busy trying to keep Topher in the boat. He has no fear, (have I mentioned that?)-he was set on trying to catch one of the ducks, and kept trying to climb over the side, it truly is a wonder that he didn't get wet, (and that I didn't finally just let him, he was driving me crazy!)

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