Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Life as I know it

I thought I would have all of this free time on my hands once I was done with school.
Not so much.
This sweet little baby that has me wrapped around his finger is kind of a spoiled little pill. He needs me to constantly hold him or at the very least be in arms reach these past couple of weeks. When I put him down in bed he cries like he is in immense pain and it doesn't stop until I pick him up...then it's all squeals and smiles.
So that's been fun!
I am a little bit grateful for this though...he is my last after all, and being 'forced' to hold and snuggle him all day and night...well it's not all bad!
The dishes, laundry, crafting and to do list may be ever growing, but at least I know I am getting my daily dose of baby slobber kisses. :)
My other child problem this week is with this little angel...with whom I rarely have a problem. She is usually peaches and cream with extra sugar on top.
These last 2 weeks though, she is giving me all sorts of grief with her school work.
I love that I get to home school her and with her doing online work, it has made it easier to spend time with all of my kids and still be able to help her when she needs it.
She is super smart and can fly through her lessons, but she just wants to skip right to the tests and quizzes and just not do any of the assignments, unless she needs to hand them in.
Well I want her to do the assignments so that she gets writing practice, and math practice and such, and we have been butting heads constantly over it.
Her piano teacher also wants her to say her letter notes out loud while she plays, and she just doesn't want to.
The grief that I am getting from this sweet one is making me CRAZY!
Yesterday she cried for half an hour saying she didn't know what 4 + 1 was-because she didn't want to do the speed math sheet I gave her.
I wanted to throw her through a window...of course that low one we talked about. :)
It's amazing how kids that drive me so absolutely nuts-completely have my heart isn't it?

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