Sunday, February 13, 2011

Oliver-January in Review

This little guy was stealing hearts and taking names this January...
  • Got to meet a lot of his cousins, aunts and uncles while in Utah at Grandma Mona's
  • Went to a his very first 'second Christmas' at Grandma Julie's
  • Started Grinning and Giggling on purpose
  • Gives sucking face kisses
  • Sleeps like an angel in his swing
  • No more colic!!!
Things he loves right now;
  • His mom
  • The rest of his family too...especially his big brother who is always by his side
  • Nursing
  • Dancing
  • Laughing
  • The shower
Things that make him just plain mad;
  • Putting him down
  • Trying to feed him anything but mama's milk
  • Getting out of the shower
  • Getting dressed
  • Being ignored

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