Saturday, October 13, 2007

Canby Pumpkin Patch

...our new favorite pumpkin patch! This was great! My mom and I took the kids out this morning.
You get on a little train that takes you out to a fun little petting "zoo"-the kids LOVED it! Topher was chasing the chickens all over the place and even a gigantic turkey! I am surprised the thing didn't turn around and attack back! Luckily it was a nice turkey (his name was lucky) and after it settled down from Topher chasing it, it laid down and let the kids pet it. Bekah made best friends with a couple of 4 month old pygmie goats and was pretty sure we should have some of our own. Topher liked the goats alright, but really enjoyed the rabbits-he tried to pick up this gigantic one, and when that didn't work-he tried to ride it! My mom has those pictures!
After about 10 or 15 minutes at the animals, we loaded back up on the train and it took us through the "haunted tunnels"(had a couple bat cut outs and some not too scary masks-perfect amount of scary for my kids)-and then the train took us out to the pumpkin patch. Some really cute picture opportunities and a gigantic hay tower. My kids surprised me on that-Topher not too interested in climbing it-Bekah-couldn't get her off it! She wasn't scared a bit! She got clear up to the top and yelled down at everyone that it was her house, but that they could climb on it if they wanted.
Then we loaded back up on the train and it took us to the barn where we could buy pumpkins and other veggies. Such a fun trip! If you want something different than Suavie Island-go here. I'm not sure on the address, but if you drive out to Canby, head toward the river and the ferry, you will see signs for the pumpkin patch.

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