Thursday, October 11, 2007

The Colonel puts an addictive chemical in his chicken that makes you crave for it nightly

I finally got my kids costumes tonight-and I'm sorry but you will probably be looking at lots of pictures of them in these costumes for the rest of the month with all the Halloween festivites that are going on! Good thing they are pretty dang cute! The kids LOVE them, I had to pry Topher's off of him to put his pajamas on him tonight. I got the top picture of the two of them only because I put them on the edge of the bed and Topher was smiling because he was on his way to jumping off and he thinks that's funny!
The rest of the evening he was running away from me, hiding his face and pretending I wasn't there-I am getting super fed up!
I got one of him looking at me, but he was crying because Bekah was being Miss Bossy (shock shock), and pushed him to me, telling him to stand still and smile for mom. Whatever! Hopefully it's just a phase!

Bekah wasn't being all that cooperative either-she was too interested in staying in character, doing the chicken dance, and telling me that"chickens don't smile, they bok bok bok, don't you know?" I have no idea where she gets this attitude from! Any ideas?!? :)

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