Thursday, September 15, 2011

Daily Something September 15 Sink Baths

Daily Something
Today Chad got his grades back from his first term on extern-4.0! He has comped on 11 scans out of the 23 necessary to graduate and is doing awesome! Just wanted to throw that in there.
My story is about how we gave Oliver a sink bath tonight after dinner. He was so messy we didn't dare bring him up the stairs. As Chad was manipulating his hair into rooster tails and mohawks, it occurred to me that this little guy will be one next week. His time of being thrown in the sink to take a bath is rapidly coming to an end. As my last baby this makes me sad. He is getting so big but still he enjoys these little moments so immensely. It makes me want to slow down and enjoy these little moments more too. Instead of just trying to get him clean so that we can move on to the next thing, I need to spend more time splashing in the water and smelling his sweet baby scent after he is out...because before long that scent turns into something not so evidenced by my two older boys.

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