Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Daily Something September 20, 2011; Moves Like Jagger

Daily Something;
Moves Like Jagger by Maroon 5 came on the radio today while the kids and I were running errands today and has been stuck in all of our heads. All day long one of us is singing the chorus. Even little Porter is swinging his hips singing "I got the mooooooooves."
Bekah came in after playing with some of the kids in the neighborhood tonight and she said they were playing a game where they acted like a famous person and then the others would try to guess who it was.
Bekah said she impersonated Mick Jagger. She held up a microphone and pretended to sing and dance and the clue was the letter J...strangely enough none of the kids in the neighborhood guessed Mick Jagger.
They were guessing people like Justin Beiber, Justin Timberlake or the Jonas Brothers. Bekah has no idea who those people are and couldn't believe they didn't know who Jagger was.
She is a little sheltered from the tween throbs of the day...but at least she knows good music when she hears it, and knows that a kid with a name like Beiber could only wish he had the moves like Jagger.

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