Sunday, September 18, 2011

Daily Something September 18; The Princess Bride

Daily Something
We bought the Princess Bride on DVD last night so that we could watch it with our kids tonight after church. I can't believe we didn't buy it sooner. We had it on video, but who watches those anymore? My kids absolutely loved it just like we knew they would.
Has there ever been a movie to ever touch the sheer genius of this one? Well we also like Stardust, but it's not as much of a family movie as this one is. The Princess Bride is simply the perfect movie except for the few cuss words and stinkin Fred Savage taking the Lord's name in vain of course. What's that all about?
I digress.
I love the Princess Bride.
Chad loves the Princess Bride.
And now my kids love the Prince Bride.
We also love popcorn with m&m's in it.

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