Monday, September 19, 2011

Daily Something September 19, 2011 The Tote

Daily Something
We have been working on getting rid of things that don't matter and taking care of the things that do. That said, our garage is still very full of totes and boxes of 'stuff.' One such tote Chad has been toting around since before we were married. Full of miscellaneous things of his dads, from his childhood, from his mission, from who knows where else. A lot of it was sentimental and things we will want to either display or put away in a nice place...not in a tote in the garage. He finally went through it and got rid of all of the stuff that wasn't important any longer or that was just plain silly. I know it's not a big story, or maybe even something that is interesting. But to us, it's a pretty big deal. That tote has been following us around for 10 years and now it's empty. Everything in its right place. It feels good. Simplifying doesn't need to take years, it only took him maybe a half an hour to go through it. Yet it still took 10 years to get to it. Procrastinating is never worth it.

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